Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG Wednesday: Coming Together

Happy Insecure Writer's Support Group Wednesday. Thank you again to Alex J. Cavanaugh, the creator of the group. The first Wednesday of every month is dedicated to this group of supportive writers. If it's something you're not familiar with, then please click on Alex's link above for more information and to sign up!

I’m happy to report that this is finally the month where things are coming together. I should have the new editions of Provex City, Le7el, and SUSY Asylum released in the next few weeks. And with the release of these books, I’ll start promoting and building my mailing list and introduce my new website. The new website won’t be anything fancy, but it will be clean and functional until I decide to spend extra time and money to spruce it up.

 I recently discovered an issue with numbering volumes of a series within the Amazon series function on the KDP dashboard. Amazon only allows you to enter whole numbers in the volume box. So I could not include Le7el, Book 1.5, in the series boxes because the volume box would not recognize 1.5. So I had two options. I could not use Amazon’s new series function and put the series name and volume number in the title box. Or I could renumber the books in my series. I have decided to renumber the books in my series so I can take advantage of the series function. I figured this was the best course of action because I didn’t know if I’d have similar issues with other online retailers. I know not many authors plan for series with decimals in one or more of their volumes, but Amazon’s current series function may cause you to reconsider.

Next up, I need to do my final edit of Archanum Manor. Then I’ll start writing a short story for the IWSG short story contest. I recently finished plotting it, so it’s about time to get those pesky words on the page. The story will be in the universe of my Lorne Family Vault series, though not dependent on the story within the series. Then I need to start outlining my next book so I can start the draft next month…and hopefully finish a first draft by the start of 2016. I have a lot to accomplish before year’s end. Oh, and I’ll have to fit in some marketing in there somewhere. I do plan on taking Mark Dawson’s course on Facebook Ads, which opens up again on October 23rd. I expect the course to have practical and powerful marketing information. I’ll share my impressions on it next month.

As I’ve been doing recently, I’ll leave you with some new music that provides me with inspiration, motivation, and much needed mood for my writing. About a week and a half ago, Silversun Pickups' new album, Better Nature, was released. Silversun Pickups never disappoints and this album is as strong as all their others. The album doesn't sound as mainstream, but it's filled with sweeping soundscapes that makes for great writing music. Enjoy and happy writing!

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